Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Camp - 2011

We are home from Family Camp (Fort Wilderness, near Rhinelander)!  It was, as usual, a wonderful getaway for our family.  Here are some highlights (and I apologize for the dearth of photos – I just didn’t think to take pictures all the time like I usually do).

1. The bugs are always bad in the Northwoods in July, but they were out in more force than usual this year!!  Despite our best efforts to keep ourselves coated with DEET, the bugs still feasted on our blood!

2. I had two significant migraines this year at camp.  Ugh!  Usually, I have one bad one that really stops me from participating for a day or so.  This year, I missed the Family Carnival and the adult dessert because of the headaches.

3. Wild Man and I went to a Nature Center class on solar energy.  They had some toy Viking-style boats that had oars that turned when the sun hit the photo-voltaic cell.  We also saw a demonstration of how air in a black plastic bag (a very LONG plastic bag) heats up and starts to float upward.  Really cool.


4. PWM and I took several lovely long walks on various nature trails.  I had some sore feet by the end of the week, but it was worth it.

5. The mattresses are just not good for old people like me and PWM.  Thankfully, though, the soreness was much improved after the first night.

6. For the last couple of years, I’ve gone to Lumberjack Breakfast with Wild Man while PWM went with Rosie Girl on Wrangler’s Breakfast.  We can only do one special breakfast each, so this year, I decided to go with Rosie Girl and let PWM go with Wild Man.  Rosie Girl and I were up bright and early to go to the stables where we got on horse-drawn wagons that took us over to Blair Lake.  When we got there, staff members had our potatoes and bacon cooking on the griddle and were ready to make our eggs to order.  Delish!  And lots of fun!


7. Wild Man and PWM went to the lake where the Lumberjack breakfast group was met by “Jacques” (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Nature Center guy) who took them on the trail to Cranberry Point while discussing the logging lifestyle of 150-200 years ago.  They ended by having pancakes made to order (with toppings) and bacon at Cranberry Point.  A wonderful breakfast was had by all!

8. On Monday, July 4, I missed breakfast because of the aforementioned migraine so PWM brought me a scone to eat before the morning session.  Rosie Girl said, “There must be Revolutionary War soldiers turning over in their graves right now!”  I asked why, and she answered, “Because we’re eating British scones on American Independence Day!”

9. Another mealtime funny: We were sitting before dinner with two other couples and Rosie Girl and Wild Man.  Wild Man had been playing all afternoon and was starving.  He drank two glasses of milk and then served himself some pears while we were waiting for the rest of the meal to be served.  Someone asked me to pass the pears and Wild Man said, “Those are pears?”  I asked, “What did you think they are?  You just ate them – didn’t you taste them?”  Wild Man answered (rather sheepishly), “I thought they were apples and I inhaled them so fast that I didn’t really taste them.  I’m hungry!!”  Crazy boy.

10. On Thursday, Wild Man won first place for his age group in both the Archery and Riflery tournaments!!  He won two free double-scoop ice creams, which worked out very well because he had spent all his money earlier on Thursday when he bought a T-shirt.  He had one ice cream on Thursday night and the other right before we left on Friday morning.


11. PWM got second place in the adult section of the Archery Tournament and won a single scoop of ice cream from the canteen!  Congratulations, PWM!!


12. PWM and I forgot to pack blankets!  The kids each had a sleeping bag, so they were comfortable.  On the first night and last night, it got really chilly and I slept in my jeans and sweatshirt as well as putting jackets and towels over myself to get warm.  This never happened when I went to camp in Florida – we were always hot!


How was your week?  Anything exciting happening?  How bad are the bugs and heat in your part of the world?

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thefrogspond said...

It sounds like you had a great time!! Those breakfasts also sound wonderful!!

This last weekend, I took my middle school aged Girl Scouts up to the U.P. for their first tent camping. We had a blast, but I too froze at night. I brought a sleeping bag, but it was a small thin one, not nearly warm enough for 50 degree nights!