Friday, July 29, 2011

Box Day 2011!!

It’s that time of year – the Sonlight box arrived!!  The kids don’t get terribly excited about Box Day anymore.  They like homeschooling, but the box of books doesn’t do much for them now that they are teenagers.  It’s almost bittersweet this year because this is our last year of getting a full Bible/Social Science/Literature curriculum from Sonlight.  We’ve done Cores 1-7 (in the old numbering system), 100, and 200.  Rosie Girl is doing Core 300 this year which is what came in the box.  Next year, Rosie Girl will be doing a one-semester American Government course and another 1/2 credit social science (not yet determined), so we won’t be getting Core 400.  We will be getting British Literature from Sonlight next year, and I’m sure that we’ll be ordering additional books and Instructor’s Guides for Wild Man over the next several years.

So, there’s a bit of an undercurrent of sadness this year, knowing that we only have two more years before Rosie Girl is off to college and five more years before Wild Man graduates.  On the up-side, that means we still have 2 and five years, respectively, to enjoy Rosie Girl’s and Wild Man’s presence here at home.  And I would not have traded any of our homeschooling time for anything!  Even when I was working full-time and PWM was doing the schooling, I loved that the kids were home on my days off and that we could take our vacations without respect to the school calendar.  Mostly, I’ve just been so glad to have time with my children.


pwm said...

They are pretty cool kids!

Luke said...

Happy Box Day! And, yes, that is bittersweet. May these last few years learning together at home be a joy and a blessing to you and them... even if they don't get excited about new books [smile].