Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday–July 22, 2011


I’ve posted lots of new stuff on The Knitting Nest blog, so hop over there to check it out.  We do have a life outside of yarn, so that’s what I’m talking about on this blog.

1. My dad’s birthday is today!!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

2. Speaking of birthdays, I had one last week, but got presents this week.  The kids got me Focus on the Family’s radio drama of The Screwtape Letters.  I am LOVING it!!  Andy Serkis does the voice of Screwtape and he’s wonderful.  The gift from my parents is a new mp3 player.  I ordered it early this week and should get it next week.  My other mp3 player died several months ago and I’ve been using Wild Man’s.  The problem is that I often have several library books as well as music from Rhapsody on the player and Wild Man’s mp3 player doesn’t have as much memory as I’d like.

3. Rosie Girl has her driver’s test in two weeks, so she’s been doing a lot of driving.  PWM and I are very proud of how she is doing – she drove home from her piano lesson in Appleton this week.

4. Rosie Girl has been babysitting three little girls for two full days a week.  She loves the little girls, but found out how hard it can be yesterday.  The heat has been extreme and the family she babysits for only has window units in the girls’ bedroom so they were all uncomfortable and getting crabby.  But, Rosie Girl is shaking it off and going back for two days next week.  I love watching her grow up!

5. Wild Man told me on Wednesday that he was bored of TV and video games!  There were extenuating circumstances, though.  Wild Man started getting sick on Monday night so he didn’t do much except lie around, watch TV, and listening to audiobooks.  Yesterday, I came home from the shop for an hour just to keep him company because he was getting lonely.  He’s all back to normal now – and isn’t lying on the sofa watching TV all day!

6. While Wild Man was sick, I realized just how much noise the boy makes!  The three days he was sick were some of the quietest we’ve had in our house.  I kept checking on him every hour or so because I was worried about how quiet it was!

7. Grandma came on Wednesday, so we’ve been enjoying her company.  She took everyone to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this evening.  Well, everyone except me because I had a migraine that started this afternoon.   PWM and I will go in a couple of days when I’m feeling better.

That’s what’s been going on in our family!  How are things in your part of the world?  Check out 7 Quick Takes Friday to see what others are saying!


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