Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I Will Never Understand

Technically, I should title this “Things I Will Never Understand Until I Get To Heaven”, but that is a little too long and tedious.  But, here at 2:17am while I’m having some impressive insomnia, I’ll list some things that I’ve realized I’ll never understand.

  1. Why Sophie (Rosie Girl’s cat) steals socks.  She certainly doesn’t wear them!
  2. The Boson-Higgs particle
  3. Why Sassy (the long-haired cat) thinks it’s such a victory that she conquered a hair elastic.
  4. Why PWM loves me
  5. Why Silver (the short-haired grey cat) believes that the laundry basket of clean clothes needs to be her bed.
  6. Why Sophie and Sassy are addicted to packing tape.
  7. Why I can’t sleep tonight.
  8. “The physics of the thing!”  (Sorry, Dad, I’m still a physics novice!)
  9. Wild Man’s love of all things gun-like.
  10. Anime and Manga (sorry, Rosie Girl)
  11. Why I have migraines (although I’m pretty sure I didn’t cause them)
  12. Twitter
  13. IPhones (I guess I’m not as tech-savvy as I thought)
  14. Why I don’t like fruit (and many veggies)
  15. The grace of God.

Do you have any to add?  Isn’t insomnia great?  I get all kinds of crazy things coming from my head when I don’t sleep!

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