Sunday, May 01, 2011

Our Week In Review–5/1/2011


So, I’m doing our Week In Review on Sunday night.  What does this say about our week?

We’ve just finished a very busy week and weekend.  I had a migraine last Monday through Wednesday and then again last night.  Nonetheless, the children appear to be getting educated.

Wild Man

History/Social Sciences – Wild Man has been watching some DVDs on Africa, although we’ve been reading about the Middle East.  Hopefully, he’s not too terribly confused!

Language Arts – Wild Man is reading King Of The Wind.  We made some real progress this week in spelling and I had him compose his own paragraph using some spelling words.  Overall, I’d like to see him doing some writing as well as starting on a typing program.  We didn’t do any work in his grammar book this week, but we’ll try to do some this week, along with some MadLibs.

Math – He’s continuing in ALEKS Math.  This week, he was working on factoring numbers along with trying to get his multiplication tables down pat.  I think we’ll be playing some Multiplication/Division 24 this week.

Science – I’m feeling pretty guilty that we haven’t gotten much Science done the last few weeks.  I’ll probably have him watch some science stuff on DVR or Netflix this week.  He keeps wanting to watch Mythbusters, but I think he’s seen all the Mythbusters episodes!

PE – Friday night was belt test night and Wild Man and PWM both passed their tests and will get green-tip belts!  The warmer weather means that Wild Man has also been out playing basketball whenever it’s not raining. 

Music – The 7th and 8th grade band is working on music for their Spring Concert.  Wild Man is still getting drum lessons and is practicing bass guitar and getting help from PWM as he needs it.

Life Skills – On Wednesday night, I wasn’t up to cooking, so I gave Wild Man instructions on making meatballs.  He also made spaghetti and spaghetti sauce to go with the meatballs.  Yummy!!


Rosie Girl

History/Social Sciences – Rosie Girl’s study of the church has gotten into the 20th century.   I hope she understands the various groups and denominations within the Christian Church better than I did when I was a teenager.

Language Arts – On Thursday night, Rosie Girl and I watched The Zefferelli production of “Romeo and Juliet” since that’s the play she’s studying right now.  Her copy has the original Shakespeare on the left side and updated language on the right side – she tells me that it’s quite helpful!  Next week, she’ll write about literature – either “Romeo and Juliet” or “Twelfth Night”.

Math – Rosie Girl is plodding on through Geometry.  Not much more to say about it.

Japanese – More plodding.

Chemistry – I’m very glad that PWM is helping Rosie Girl with Chemistry these days.  She’s making progress and will be doing experiments this week.

Dance – Rosie Girl had a make-up dance class on Friday night, which made her very, very happy!

Music – Yesterday, Rosie Girl played in the annual Piano Festival.  She’s pretty happy with how she did.  She will be playing on Sunday with the church’s worship team because the keyboard player had to cancel at the last minute.

Art – Rosie Girl is enjoying her art class.  For one of her projects, she did a drawing of the dance studio and gave it to the owner.


I still don’t have this week’s school schedules ready.  I guess I’ll get it done first thing in the morning.

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