Wednesday, May 04, 2011


1. We had ten kids at knitting club yesterday – it was a blast!!  Of course, now I’m exhausted and sore from leaning over kids to help them knit.  Last week, we got the first nine casting on.  This week, we got those nine knitting.  We had another girl in the club and she learned to cast on and to knit all in one day.  I’m going to see if the kids are interested in continuing through the summer at the library.  I’m honestly having a lot more fun than I expected with this project.

2. I’m going to start on the rest of my Fair Isle sweater soon.  I was going to start last night until I realized that the socks I’m knitting are on one of the needles that I need.  Oops!

3. I’m working on a business plan and spreadsheet for our yarn shop venture.  Wow – I’m learning a ton!

4. We still have the Christmas lights inside the house and around the front door up.  I think we’ll try to get those taken care of in the next few days!

5. Wild Man turned 13 on Sunday.  He’s having a Nerf Darts party on Saturday.  I’m so not ready for this!

6. Along with turning 13, Wild Man’s appetite seems to be increasing.  Since breakfast this morning, he’s had lunch at the Senior Nutrition Site and then the equivalent of two more meals here at home.  I’m not sure if we’ll be afford to keep him!!

7. We finally got some sunshine today!!  Yippee!!  At the rate we were going, I was afraid we’d all be Vitamin D deficient in month or so.

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