Sunday, May 01, 2011

Catching Up 5/1/2011

Just a list of what’s been going on around here!

1. Today Wild Man turns 13!!  I am the mother of two teenagers!!  Ack!

2. Since Wild Man is 13, he’s getting his own Facebook account.  Ack!!

3. PWM and I are feeling a little stalled on the yarn shop thing.  We are meeting with a friend who knows a lot about business stuff to pick his brain and sort out the next step.  I’ve been working on our business plan and have even learned some basic spreadsheet stuff.  So, despite feeling stalled, I guess we are progressing, albeit slowly.

4. I’ve got several hats and bags up at the coffee shop for sale.

5. I came up with a great idea for a purse, but it didn’t work out.  I wanted to have cables up the purse that extended into the handles.  Unfortunately, I chose a kind of cable that is not the same right side up and upside down so I can’t hook up the cables from one side to another.  Do I rip it out and start over?  Try to do another kind of handle so I don’t have to start all over?  Think about it tomorrow?

6. Wild Man and PWM both passed their Tae Kwon Do test for green tip belts!!

7. Rosie Girl played at Piano Festival yesterday and felt like she did pretty well.

8. I was up most of the night with a migraine, so I’m feeling like a wet dishrag at the moment.  I’ve got a lot of things bouncing around in my head, but it’s quite the mess up there, so I’ll write more when I’m a little more awake.

That’s all for the moment. 

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