Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Week In Review – 10/16/2010



Since I didn’t do a weekly report last week, I’m going to try to summarize two weeks tonight.  ‘Cause there’s no way I’ll get three weeks worth done next weekend!

As noted in yesterday’s post, I spent Tuesday through Thursday of this week attending my aunt’s funeral in Dallas.  Because of that, I was busy all day Monday with packing.  When I got home Thursday afternoon, I realized that I had packed my CPAP machine without emptying the reservoir (that allows me to breathe humidified air).  When I finally dared to turn the machine on Thursday night, it was not working properly.  I did manage to sleep after about 3am.  On Friday, we had to drive into Appleton to get a rental CPAP machine.  I took a very long nap Friday, slept well last night, and had a short nap today.  I think I’m close to being caught up.

Here’s what’s up with the kids:

Wild Man

Bible and Math – still doing well with PWM.

History/Geography – He didn’t do the New Zealand map that I had wanted last week, but we moved on to Japan this week.  Theoretically.  Actually, we’re reading The Master Puppeteer and he’s watched some Netflix shows about samurai.  He didn’t have any of the read-aloud work done this week, so I tried to read some to him this afternoon, but he fell asleep.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

Vision Therapy – Wild Man didn’t have an appointment this week, but he has been doing his exercises regularly.  He made spaghetti for dinner last night with a patch over one eye.

Reading – He finished Born In The Year Of Courage as well as The Big Wave.  He’s motivated to read his “school” books because he has been reading The Guardians Of Ga’Hoole series of books in his free time.

Community Service – I’ve been having a really hard time getting to the Nutrition Site the past few weeks.  I think I’m going to just go on the weeks when they’re having the birthday party.  Wild Man says he still wants to go help out even if I can’t make it.

Science – Wild Man and PWM did some science reading last week.  Otherwise, we’re behind where I’d like to be in the reading.

Rosie Girl

Bible – She’s still in the Old Testament, but sticking with it.

History – Her main book this last week was The Church In The East.  I thought it would be about the Eastern Orthodox, Syrian, and Coptic churches, but it’s actually about the early spread of Christianity to the Far East (India and China).

Rosie Girl wrote a very nice paper about The Flames Of Rome.  I asked a friend of mine who teaches writing at a college to take a look at it and she felt like it’s about the level she sees in entering freshman.  That’s quite encouraging.

Writing – I’m quite pleased at how she is doing with WriteAtHome.  Her writing coach is giving her good feedback and she seems to have a better sense of the five-paragraph essay now.

Math – PWM gave her a few days off this week, but she’s been doing quite well.

Chemistry – Rosie Girl isn’t a fan of Chemistry, but this week was really tough for her.  She asked me to help her today with her workbook exercises.  It’s pretty clear that she doesn’t really have a good handle on this chapter and possibly some of the previous material.  We’re going to do a review week next week where I’ll have her watch some Khan Academy videos and then answer questions in the Singapore textbook (as opposed to the workbook).  She may not be planning to be a science major, but she definitely needs a basic understanding of this material.

Art and Music – Coming along swimmingly!

Extra-curriculars – She played her ocarina for the youth group talent show a few weeks ago and did quite well.

The last two weeks have been kind of a blur, so I hope that things are calmer this next week.  I don’t have anything special planned, but I will be spending more time with Rosie Girl on Chemistry and trying to catch Wild Man up on his reading. 

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