Friday, October 08, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. I had a great time at the Women’s Retreat at Fort Wilderness last weekend.  I hope to post pictures soon.

2. As Rosie Girl, PWM, and I were leaving church on Wednesday night (I’m going to a Wednesday night Bible study now), a young man told Rosie Girl good-bye.  She was a little ways ahead of us, but still heard me say to PWM, “That boy spoke to our girl.”  He answered, “Yeah.”  My response: “Why is he still alive?”  Rosie Girl: “Mom, that’s supposed to be Dad’s job!”  Me: “We have a united front!”

3. Wild Man and PWM started Tae Kwon Do this week.  PWM did it in high school and was a green belt, but it’s brand new for Wild Man.  So far, so good!

4. Wild Man has eye exercises to do every day.  It’s actually pretty interesting to see what they have him do – following lists of letters up or down with just one eye, eye-hand coordination activities with one eye patched, etc.  It’s early to see progress yet, but he’s diligent about doing them.

5. It’s Homecoming Week in our little town!  PWM and I took a stroll to the library this afternoon and ended up being on the business block of Main Street right before the parade came, so we stayed and watched.  Fun!  Rosie Girl stayed at school after her class today (which was short since it was a half-day) and went to the pep rally.  She joined us for the parade and then went to the first half of the game.  She wasn’t optimistic about her team’s chances, but she said she had fun.

6. It’s October, so I’m knitting up all the Christmas presents!!  Obviously, I’m not going to put on a public blog that my family reads what all I’m going to do, but suffice it to say that they’re going to like them!

7. On Wednesday night, the Grind (the youth group) did a talent show, so Rosie Girl played Amazing Grace on her ocarina.  With an accompaniment that she had found that afternoon online and burned to CD.  With a key change.  So she learned the whole thing in just an hour or two.  Wow.  (And the other kids in the group were impressed, too.)

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