Thursday, October 07, 2010

The “Joys” Of Womanhood

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One day when I was in medical school, my mom called me and started to ream me out as a representative of the medical profession about how terrible mammograms were.  It would be almost 20 years before I could truly understand her angst.  And now, every year, I get to wish I could find an errant radiologist to yell at about mammograms.  Not that he/she invented the screening exam.  I just feel like I need to fuss about the “joy” of being a woman.

I had my mammogram done yesterday at the clinic where I used to work.  They do a great job of customer service as well as medical excellence.  The tech (with whom I used to work) gave me a nice warm gown to put on.  The exam was short and as painless as possible (I’m sure).  And the report came back today – normal.

Yes, I’m complaining.  But, I will continue to get my mammograms every year.  Two of my friends were diagnosed with breast cancer this year.  Breast cancer isn’t really preventable (although you can decrease your risk factors), but it is clear that early detection improves the outcome of women with breast cancer.  So, I’ll get my annual mammograms.

And pray regularly that MRIs (or some equally painless procedure) can be used for screening very soon.  ‘Cause my “girls” aren’t thrilled about doing this every year.

So, go get your mammogram.  Now!

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