Friday, October 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – 10/15/2010



This week’s post can be subtitled “The Extended Family Edition” or “How I Took Almost 200 Pictures In 48 Hours”.

1. My mom’s sister (one of 8 originally, but one of 4 at her death) died this last weekend at the age of 79.  It wasn’t unexpected, but it was still quite sad.


2. I didn’t know my aunt very well (Mom was the youngest of 12, so I only knew/know a couple or her siblings really well), but I went to Dallas to be with Mom for the funeral.  So, I was on a plane from The Great White North on Tuesday morning and arrived in Dallas around 2pm.  I left Dallas Thursday morning and got home around 2pm.  And, yes, I’m tired – emotionally and physically!


3. My aunt is buried in the second-largest private cemetery in the US.  Wow.  It was just huge!

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4. My aunt had been in the military when she was in her 20’s (I believe), so she was buried in the military section of the cemetery (from what I could tell).  It’s actually kind of cool that she was in the service at a time when that was not a common option for young women.

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5. During my time in Dallas, I got to meet all 7 of my aunt’s children, which I don’t think I had done before.  I also met several of her grandchildren, one of her sisters-in-law, and lots of members of her church.


6. One of my cousins rented a car and she had brought her TomTom (GPS system) with her to help us navigate the city.  Our hotel, the church, and the cemetery were all very close together, but it was still a challenge.  On Tuesday, I sat in the passenger’s seat, so I was the navigator – which should have been no big deal since I navigate for PWM all the time.  However, I think the driver lost her trust in me after I had her drive the wrong way on a one-way street!  Thankfully, God was looking out for us and we didn’t get killed.  (I think I acquitted myself in the navigation department later that day and the next.)


7. One very interesting thing about this week was learning how many of my cousins actually live rather close to me (within a day’s drive).  Most of my family is in the South, but my aunt had married and lived in the Twin Cities afterward.  I have several cousins living in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area – pretty cool!

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