Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School Preparation . . .

. . . is just not happening right now.  Actually, right now is 1:40 on Wednesday morning and I’m sitting in my little nest with an ice pack on my head and large amounts of migraine meds going through my system, so I’m definitely not getting school stuff prepared.

I just visited a blog with lovely pictures of their school areas and I think I broke the 10th commandment (you know, the one about not coveting – although, I didn’t covet her manservant or maidservant, if she actually has those things, just her school areas).  We have a painted dining room now, which is beautiful (thank you, PWM and family!).  Our schoolroom is somewhat organized, but Rosie Girl’s desk still looks like a bomb detonation area.  Wild Man’s desk is in the sunroom and doesn’t look much better than Rosie Girl’s.

Of course, desks aren’t actually for school work around here.  Rosie Girl tends to work on the sofa or on her bed.  Wild Man  generally tries to avoid work, but if I can pin him down to do something, it’s quite often at the dining table.  School books often get lost around here because there’s an entire house (not huge, but still a whole house) where they could be.  It’s amazing how many end up under the sofa.  I think the cats put them there to mess with us.  I occasionally end up with duplicates because I buy one that’s been lost and then find the lost copy.  Bookstores love us.

I took out Wild Man’s Sonlight Core 5 paperwork today.  So far, I can’t find 5 books – books that I know that we own and don’t recall giving away.  One of them I think I wanted to skip anyway, so we’re down to just 4 that I can’t find.  I did manage to correlate the pages from the DK Geography book that we’re using instead of the Eastern Hemisphere Explorer with the correct weeks.  Of course, when I realized that he’d be doing 2 pages of the DK book instead of 10+ pages of the Eastern Hemisphere Explorer, I started to worry that he’s getting cheated out of a good education.  After a short hyper-ventilation session, I got over it.  Especially when I realized that I have two different, but overlapping grammar books to deal with.  And science.

Thankfully, Rosie Girl’s Core 200 requires very little effort from me.  I just need to put it in the notebook.  Sadly, though, the notebook is currently in the bottom of the previously mentioned bomb detonation area.  If all goes well, I’ll get the notebook right before school starts.

I told the kids I wanted them to clean their desks tomorrow.  That’s not looking promising because desk-cleaning is one of those tasks that require Mom (that’s me) to be standing right over them and reminding them to continue cleaning and not to get distracted when they take something to the trash can or the other room.  Since Mom (that’s me, remember) currently has an ice pack on my head, I doubt I’ll be up to desk-cleaning supervising.

We start school on August 30.  In a pinch, I’ll put on educational movies and throw books at the kids. 

I’d better go ask forgiveness for coveting someone else’s school room.  Then check on my stock of Imitrex.


P.S. You didn’t actually think that this was one of those organized and “perfect” homes like you see on the front of the homeschooling magazines, did you?  If you did, your bubble has been burst and I’m sorry – kind of.  This is our reality.  Thankfully, we have fun despite the messy house!

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Kimberly said...

I've come to the conclusion that as long as they learn to read, write relatively well, and do the basics of math, they will be alright in our society. It would be nice if they would learn about all of the other neat things that have happened or happen in our world, but it's not necessary. Honestly, I don't remember a thing from school other than the basics and I've survived pretty well! :) This is my way of trying not to worry, except for the things that really matter. Schoolroom? Well, that was supposed to be our basement, but that's become our playroom. So, I've adjusted. He'll learn the same on the couch or kitchen table as he does in the basement. It's just made me clean out some of my bookshelves, which needed to be done anyway. Now, if I could just get C on board with that idea!!!! ;)