Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun Facts About My Family – from the 2010 Vacation

1. J (my 3 year old nephew) is “scared of Aunt Catherine”.  Yeah.  Not so scared when I’d sit on the floor and play his Thomas the train set card game with him!

2. Wild Man fished almost every day using live bait without asking anyone to bait the hook or take the fishes off after he caught them.  (You might recall that I was nominating myself for Mother of the Year after I did all his icky stuff when we fished at Fort Wilderness.  Time does fly!)

3. Rosie Girl enjoyed playing her ocarina outside.


4. E (my 8 year old nephew) and Wild Man “slept” in the same room.  I’m betting Wild Man will sleep quite a lot over the next few days and nights!

5. I made sauteed green beans with grated kohlrabi for our veggie dish one night.  Sauteing green beans takes far longer than I expected.  But, I only added the kohlrabi at the end, so it didn’t get mushy.  It is a weird combination.

6. On Thursday or Friday, Wild Man and E discovered the laundry shoot in the main floor bathroom.  Oh my.

7. I beat each of my kids separately at Sequence (in spite of the headaches).

8. While PWM was reading, Wild Man got PWM to say “Ollivander” the way that Jim Dale says it on the audio recordings of the Harry Potter books.

9. Everyone enjoyed my “beet brownies” (brownies to which I’ve added pureed beets).  It’s a good thing because I’ve got 5 more beets to deal with this week.  Do that many people around here love beets?!

10. By Thursday night, we had three clowns in the house.  The picture only shows Grams and Wild Man, but E also had a pair of giant sunglasses.


11. E described the elephant ride at Circus World as “bumpy”; Wild Man concurred.

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