Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – August 13, 2010



1. My family is coming for a week-long visit tomorrow!!  We’ve rented a house on a lake nearby so we don’t have to try to cram 10 people into our little house.  Of course, I anticipate that we’ll end up here for at least a little while, so I’ve tried to get things pretty clean.

2. I feel like I have a new bedroom!  I got the new comforter set a couple of weeks ago.  Today, PWM and I hung up several prints that used to live in the foyer of our previous house as well as changed the spots of a couple of pieces of furniture.  I’m really happy with how it looks.

3. It’s been hot as Hades around here lately.  The high tomorrow is supposed to be 90 – in Wisconsin!!  Thankfully, there is a cold front coming through tomorrow.  Of course, I’m praying that the cold front doesn’t cause a migraine because who wants a migraine when company’s coming?!

4. I have all my kids’ school supplies (except Rosie Girl’s chemistry set), but I have done very little to actually organize it.  But, the kids did clean their desks.  I’m sure we’ll have some kind of game plan by August 30.

5. Wild Man was reminding me of how I’m going to love this vacation because I’m going to sit around and do nothing.  Right!  We’re going to EAA, a cheese factory, the Circus Museum, the Crane Foundation, and at least one day of hiking.  Where is this sitting around and doing nothing?

6. I learned to knit using the sliding-loop technique.  Sadly, the sock I made using it would fit a doll.  Well, I’ll use the technique again one of these days.

7. I really like Top Chef and other cooking competition shows, but I’ve decided that the main thing my kids can learn from Top Chef is how not to treat other people!  What a difference from The Next Food Network Star.

Check our Betty Beguiles (just for this week) to see what others have been up to this week!


P.S. Blogging will be light this week because I won’t have internet access at the rental house.  If I do blogging when I’m there, it may get all posted at once at the end of the week!

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