Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lagniappe – 8/7/2010

  • I’ve stopped taking my Topamax.  My brain is feeling more clear, but the headaches are unchanged.
  • I’ve started taking Butterbur for my migraines.  So far, no effect.
  • Rosie Girl has dropped out of Show Choir because of a negative experience with the Choir/Drama director last week.  I can’t say I’m too upset.  Rosie Girl had a blast with Show Choir last year, but it was also very time consuming.  Now I’m not even sure she’s going to take Choir as a class.
  • One of the advantages of kids being completely homeschooled (and not taking extra classes like Rosie Girl and Wild Man are doing) is that they only have to deal with two crazy adults – their parents.
  • Wild Man has had his first couple of summer band lessons and is having a good time.
  • I made brownies that had beet puree added to them.  They were delicious!  I still have a couple of beets in the fridge, so I might make some more brownies before the family comes on Saturday.
  • Yes, my family is coming on Saturday for a week.  We’ve rented a house on a nearby lake so we can all stay together.
  • PWM, Wild Man, Grandma, and I went hiking on Thursday afternoon.  The area where we hiked has lots of hills.  My legs are still mad at me!
  • I still haven’t started planning the kids’ school work.  I have almost all the books, though – that’s a start!
  • How many knitting projects at once is too many?  I think I currently have five going.  It is good to have more than one because I need to switch from small to large needles after a while.

That’s it right now. 

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