Monday, October 12, 2009

Updates on Life

Wow.  Two weeks since I last posted.  Actually, that’s kind of good because it means I’ve been living “real” life!!  Let me give my very few readers a quick update on what’s been going on.

  • Rosie Girl and Wild Man are still enjoying taking public school classes while doing their academic work at home.  Well, I’m not sure I can say they enjoy their academic work, but they do it without excessive complaining.


  • Rosie Girl joined the teenage group at the public library this week.  I had a migraine so Rosie Girl rode her bike to the library on Wednesday afternoon.  A friend from Choir class was there and asked if she wanted to stay for a SWAT meeting (SWAT is the name of the group – I have no clue what it stands for.) so Rosie Girl stayed for the meeting and became part of the group!!  They will be doing something during the town’s Halloween celebration next weekend.  In addition, Wild Man is going to a Tuesday afternoon art club downtown and they are doing decorations for a downtown Haunted House.


  • During the first weekend in October, I went with our church women’s group to a women’s retreat in the Northwoods.  We had a blast!  The speaker was great, but I mostly enjoyed getting to hang out with other women.  I had one migraine that responded quickly to medications – thank you, Lord!


  • Last Monday, Mr. Math Tutor’s grandmother passed away at the age of 93.  He went down South from Tuesday to Saturday while the kids and I stayed home.  Unfortunately, I had a migraine from Sunday night through Wednesday.  Ick.  I really don’t like “single parenting”.  I was sooooo glad to see Mr. Math Tutor again on Saturday afternoon.  That being said, I was still quite happy that he was able to  be with his mom when she needed him – and she needed him more that week than the kids and I did.


  • While Mr. Math Tutor was gone, I was able to get Wild Man’s Halloween costume made.  Of course, I think that aggravated my migraines.  Rosie Girl wants the exact same cape, but I told her that she’s going to do most of the sewing this time around!!


I think we’re almost back to normal now.  I have a dental appointment tomorrow, a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and Rosie Girl has an ENT appointment on Friday (more on that later), so we’ll have our fill of the health care professions by the end of the week.  Otherwise, we’re now wearing warm clothes and I’m totally enjoying my Uggs boots!!

So, keep reading.  I plan on trying to post a little more often because I have so much going on in my head that it needs to come out somewhere and this is as good a place as any!!

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