Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Week In Review – October 31, 2009



It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks around here – and mostly because of non-school (but still highly educational) activities.  So, you’ll understand if I don’t talk much about school subjects today!

1. Illness – Rosie Girl started getting sick with a cold last week on Monday (October 19) and missed her public school classes that Wednesday and Thursday.  She seemed better so I didn’t worry about taking her out of town last weekend, but she developed a fever Saturday night.  By Sunday morning I was convinced she didn’t have influenza (a real concern around here these days!), but she was feeling pretty awful.  She missed public school again Monday morning and I started her on Amoxicillin that afternoon for a sinus infection.  She’s finally looking better the end of this week.

2. Migraines – We’ve had some seriously unsettled and icky weather which has triggered a number of multi-day migraines.  (Did you know that “icky” is a technical meteorological term?  It is.)  It’s hard to keep up with the house and the school stuff with all these migraines.  And all that Imitrex is expensive!!

3. School – Yeah.  We’ve done some of that.  I haven’t even tried to figure out yet how far behind Rosie Girl is.  I really hope it’s only a few days and not a whole week.  Wild Man is doing pretty well in History but I really hope we can get some Spelling and Grammar done this upcoming week.  While I worked on Halloween costumes, the kids and I watched a PBS show about Pocahontas and Jamestown.  Rosie Girl has been learning about Botany – she’s not impressed.  Even with illness, Rosie Girl got her work for WriteAtHome turned in.  I’m just amazed at how well she is writing these days!  Her writing coach is really bringing out the best in her!

4. Project Serve – I’ve blogged in more detail with pictures here about our weekend.  Suffice it to say that it was a really fun and (I hope) useful weekend.

5. Nutrition Center – Wild Man and I have been able to go both of the last two weeks to the Senior Nutrition Center to help serve lunch.  Last week was the monthly birthday party and it was incredibly busy.  Instead of the normal 12 or 13 people that we serve, there were almost 50 clients!  After lunch, they played Bingo and let Wild Man play along.  I was really happy to let him play for a while because it gives him a chance to interact more with the clients.  This week there were 20 people because they had a Dartball tournament after lunch.  Not only that, the lunch came about 15 minutes late, and it was a somewhat complicated lunch to serve – soup and sandwiches.  We worked really hard!!  I’m so glad we do this.

6. Halloween – I broke down and sewed Rosie Girl’s cape because she’s been so sick.  Both kids now have their costumes completely ready.  Wild Man has been up at the theater getting ready for the Haunted Theater on Tuesday and Wednesday and then they actually did the Haunted Theater on Thursday and Friday and will do it again tonight.  He comes home with all kinds of makeup and hairspray on.  He looks really creepy and is totally loving it!!  He’s such a performer.  He and Rosie Girl will be giving out candy at BooFest on Main Street today – Wild Man with the Haunted Theater, Rosie Girl with the Library Club.  Meanwhile, I will be bundled up and sitting on the front stoop giving out candy to the zillions of kids who come by here.

That was our week.  Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what others have been up to!

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Giggly Girls said...

Our week was a tad "off kilter" too. But we managed to learn despite the lack of "school work". LOL

I hope you're all feeling better soon.