Saturday, June 06, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday – June 5, 2009


It has been a tiring and stressful couple of weeks for our family.  I think we’re back to something of a routine, though, and I hope to do my usual blogging. 

1. My daughter is now a high school freshman and my son is in 6th grade.  How did this happen?  I’m really looking forward to starting “school” again since we’re studying American History.  Rosie Girl will be doing a good bit more work this year than she has been used to, but I think she’s up to it.  Wild Man is reading so much now that I’m much more optimistic about 6th grade.

2. I used to love Popeye’s fried chicken.  When we were down South, we made sure to get some Popeye’s chicken and dirty rice.  It wasn’t as good as I remember.  Deep sigh.  At least my craving is satisfied for the next five or six years.

3. We did not get any crawfish while we were down South.  That is a bummer.  Crawfish are more common down in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, not in SW Mississippi where we were, and we didn’t have time for side trips.  Next time, though, next time.

4. Our garden is growing pretty well.  I don’t have pictures right now – maybe next week.  I have a few open squares where I want to plant peppers and/or more broccoli.  We’ve decided to build another small box to grow asparagus, but I need to research how to do that.

5. What are the odds of having an aunt and uncle (brother and sister, not spouses) die in the same week of completely unrelated causes?  And, they were twenty years apart in age.  My poor family.

6. My mother-in-law went home yesterday after staying here for almost two weeks.  While Mr. Math Tutor and I were gone, she got the kids to all of their dance rehearsals as well as all three recitals.  We are sooooo blessed!!  She comes back in a few weeks to join us for family camp.

7. Wild Man had his annual orthodontist appointment this week.  They said that he doesn’t need anything done right now, but they’ll look again in a year.  My daughter has beautifully straight teeth.  My son’s teeth don’t look bad but he has a cross-bite that the orthodontist is waiting to see whether it needs fixing.  I’m praying not!  I have lots of other things I can do with a couple thousand dollars.

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KC said...

Mike Andersons ships anywhere in the US! It's kind of pricey but if you're craving crawfish......

Also, Curtis used to be a big fan of KFC but fried chicken just doesn't sit as well on his tummy these days. It's a sign that you eat healthier! :)