Monday, June 29, 2009

I Have Never . . .

Here’s a cute little meme that I thought would waste some time while I’m NOT cleaning my house (which I should be doing since my mother-in-law is coming tomorrow but I have a headache and my mother-in-law is quite forgiving about the whole messy house thing):

I Have Never . . .

  1. 1. Been to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, or Antarctica.
  2. 2. Jumped out of an airplane.
  3. 3. Read To Kill A Mockingbird
  4. 4. Worn a bikini (and the world gives a deep sigh of relief!)
  5. 5. Been on a cruise.
  6. 6. Been downhill skiing (and am pretty happy with that).
  7. 7. Been arrested.
  8. 8. Driven a semi.
  9. 9. Been to a mosque.
  10. 10. Learned Japanese.
  11. 11. Learned to weld (or wanted to, for that matter, although my daughter says it’s fun!).
  12. 12. Met all my cousins (there’s a zillion).
  13. 13. Had frostbite.
  14. 14. Been to Canada (although I hope to remedy that one day)
  15. 15. Painted daisies on a big, red, rubber ball.

        Doesn’t this meme remind you of “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” from Veggie Tales??

        Thanks to Marcy at the Glamorous Life Association for the idea!  Your turn!  Leave a comment with something you’ve never done or make your own blog post!!


        The Glamorous Life said...

        Ha! How did you know I am a huge Larry fan!

        KC said...

        #3? One of the few literature books I ACTUALLY read in high school (and not the Cliff Notes) and you've never read it? I'm shocked!!!!