Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Happened to Summer Boredom?

And I’m not talking about overscheduled kids here!  I was planning on doing formal schoolwork through the first part of the summer, but we had to stop because of some family issues.  But, I was looking forward to summer because I figured I could take advantage of kid boredom to get my windows cleaned and basement straightened.

Folks, it ain’t happenin’!  Both kids are in the summer reading program and are reading books or listening to audiobooks for a couple of hours a day.  Wild Man is playing baseball every day for over an hour with his traveling team and then two nights a week with him local team.  When he’s not doing that, he’s begging his dad to play catch or he’s outside hitting on the swingaway or watching the LSU Tigers in the College World Series.

Rosie Girl is setting up a Fantasy Literature class as an elective for next year, so she just ordered nine books from the library.  I doubt I’ll see her doing the writing needed to get credit for the course, but I’m sure she’ll be doing the reading.  She’s been taking care of her part of the garden.  Today, I found her putting out newspaper on the less grassy parts of the yard and wetting them down well in order to induce earthworms up out of the ground.  She wants to collect them for their fishing trips this summer.  (Although, frankly, I think the earthworms are using their five neurons in their nervous system to keep themselves down in the ground away from the 94 degree heat.  Maybe she’ll get some later tonight.)

Add to that the regular video game playing that they’re allowed and the board and card games that they play, and I’m not seeing my windows getting clean unless I do it myself!  What’s the point of summer break if not for slave labor kids helping around the house?!

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