Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Garden

I got a new camera!!  So, I went out last night and took some pictures from our garden.  For those of you in the South, remember that we didn’t even get to plant until about a month ago.  While you’re harvesting, we’re just getting started.  And, this week is the first time we’re seeing temperatures consistently above 80 degrees!


This is Mater, the tomato plant.  He’s actually now hanging upside down on the shepherd’s hook with Larry the Cucumber.


Rosie Girl’s mint plants.


Larry the Cucumber in the foreground growing upside down.


Rosie Girl’s raspberry bushes.


Watermelon (I’m pretty sure!)


Leaf lettuce


Onions – lots of onions!






Corn (in the four squares in the near corner)


Morning glories – I’m hoping they’ll grow up the rail.

I’m loving the new camera.  It’s not exciting – just a Canon point and shoot, but it’s lots faster than my previous one.  I’ll post more pictures later!!

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KC said...

Your garden's looking great! I'll probably be posting pics of ours in the next day or two. Your watermelon plant still looks like a pumpkin vine to me, but you know what you've planted! :) And I just had a major battle with morning glories along our property line. Our neighbors haven't kept theirs under control and it crept over into our rock garden and started wrapping itself around our boxwoods, almost killing 2 of them. I know I can save 1 but not sure about the other. We'll have to wait and see. Needless to say, I killed as much as I could of those darn morning glories (it was along 44 feet of our property line)!