Friday, September 26, 2008

Record-Keeping, The Essentials - Heart of the Matter Online 9/26/2008

I am fortunate to live in a state that requires a minimal amount of record-keeping for homeschooling. If I had been the stay-at-home parent for the first few years, I probably would have been downright psychotic about records. Yes, that was who I was. It's a good thing I was a doctor where I could put my compulsiveness to a more socially acceptable use. Mr. Math Tutor was, shall we say, not compulsive.

With Ga'hoole Girl being high-school age next year, I have been thinking more about how to record her high school work in order to make a transcript. For the last three years, I have been using Homeschool Tracker Plus to plan out the children's work for the day and/or the week. At the beginning of the Sonlight Core, I make up lesson plans in the lesson planning section. I put the Sonlight assignments in place and then add in movies or other interesting things that we might do. On Saturday or Sunday, I move the lesson plan items onto the daily or weekly assignment list then add in the rest of the assignments.

I make one list for me which lists out the work that I want to do with each child or both children for the week. This list is scheduled on Monday, but contains the work for the week to give me some flexibility. I have another weekly list for Ga'hoole Girl which lists her work that she can schedule herself during the week. Then, I make a daily list for each child with daily assignments and chores. I print the new daily list in the morning and check off the work from the day before.

I keep written work that I want to keep in a file drawer with files labeled by child and subject. This isn't critical right now, but I do need to keep these papers starting next year for Ga'hoole Girl's science work.

I definitely love using the computer to keep records. HST+ is a great program with lots of flexibility. If you're interested in using it, you can try the free version first. Check out Heart of the Matter Online for more great posts about record-keeping!

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