Friday, September 19, 2008

Morning Conversation

So, as I was on my way to get into the shower, the kids came and told me someone was at the door to speak to me. I went to the door to meet two very nice Jehovah's Witnesses. Usually, Mr. Math Tutor is the one who gets to answer the door when I suspect that it's the JWs, but the kids didn't give me any warning as to what I might be facing. Actually, I think it was the JWs who ended up being surprised.

We talked for about thirty minutes. The couple was very nice and pleasant. It was apparent that they had studied and were ready for my objections to their faith. Nonetheless, they didn't have good answers for why the New World Translation of the Bible is so different from most other translations. Their response to my objection about the translation of John 1 was not convincing. We spent a good bit of time discussing the nature of Jesus - part of the Trinity or created by God. At the end, they gave me a book with some information. I offered to pray with them, but they declined.

It was a good conversation, but I don't think they expected to get someone who had a good understanding of basic Christian beliefs. It slowed down my morning a bit, but it was worth it.

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KC said...

Cling---cling----you're storing up those treasures in heaven! That's awesome you took the time to talk with them. A while back, a woman came to our door and was claiming that we were in end times and was recruiting people for their church. C answered the door so he stepped outside and proceeded to talk with her about why she felt this way. He talked with her for about 30 minutes or so. Whatever he must have made her curious because she came back the next day with more questions! It's amazing at how God is at work in our daily lives!