Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our Week in Review - 9/6/2008

After such a rousing start to our new school year the last two weeks, this week was pretty much a disaster. I had a headache all week due to weather changes and medication changes. The kids did their independent work each day, but we only got group work done twice. Here's the breakdown:

Bible - We did Bible 4 out of 5 days, still working our way through Genesis. We didn't do a good job with memorizing our verse (Proverbs 3:5-6), so we'll do it again next week.

Math - Kids are continuing in ALEKS.

Spanish - Still working through Power-Glide. Wild Man is on lesson 72 of 90, while Ga'hoole Girl is on lesson 47 of 70.

Spelling - Didn't get any spelling done with Ga'hoole girl and only did spelling twice with Wild Man because of my headaches. I got magnet stickers to put on the tiles for Wild Man's All About Spelling, but discovered that our whiteboard is not actually magnetic. I wanted to get a magnet board at Office Max, but they were $50! If I get desperate, I may lay out the bucks.

Reading - Wild Man has been reading on his own every day, which has been good for his reading and his pocketbook!! He started Book 6 of Explode the Code, as well. Ga'hoole Girl is done with her readers for Core 6, so she has requested to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy next. Fine by me!

Grammar - Ga'hoole Girl continues through Easy Grammar Plus. This week was learning about commas. I think she should be done before the end of the month.

Writing - Ga'hoole Girl did a nice paragraph on what was disturbing to her about the book on Bloody Mary. She has been working in her Jump In! book learning about interesting introductions, quotations, transitions, and appropriate citation.

Handwriting - Wild Man is starting cursive and learned how to join m's and n's.

Food Science - Both kids watched a few episodes of "Good Eats" and "How'd That Get On My Plate?" Ga'hoole Girl read the introductory section about grilling although she didn't get to do any grilling this week.

Art - Ga'hoole Girl read in her Usborne Art book and looked at a website - she's studying medieval art. Wild Man and I read about some basic art history and composition.

Science - Ga'hoole Girl started Module 4 in Apologia. She'll finish that module next week and then be done with Apologia. I found a great book by DK and the Smithsonian Institute called Earth. It is huge and comprehensive, but the reading level is just fine for Ga'hoole Girl. I'm going to purchase a copy and have her read 15-20 pages each week. To whet her appetite, I'm letting her start with the section on rocks and minerals - she's thrilled!

Sonlight - The kids listened to 3 chapters from Story of the World and we read a good bit in The World of Columbus and Sons. No timeline or map work this week - we'll aim for next week.

Election study - We never got to any of our unit study work. We did watch the Republican convention Wednesday night, but not Thursday. We'll watch McCain's speech online next week.

Dance - Ga'hoole Girl started her tap class Thursday night. She gets to start in the advanced tap class and she loves it. This Monday, Ga'hoole Girl starts theater dance and Wild Man starts jazz.

Puppet Class - Wild Man does this once a month with the homeschool group. This week was the first week and he's pretty excited about it.

In other news, the kids had cavities filled on Wednesday. They survived, albeit with numb mouths for a couple of hours. Mr. Math Tutor and Wild Man went to the homeschool group meeting on Friday, where Wild Man did his puppet class. Our new Sonlight box came Thursday. The books look just wonderful!!!! I'm seriously motivated to finish Core 6 so we can start Core 7!

I would like to be a little more "productive" next week. The headache is a little better today, so here's hoping for a better week next week. In any case, the kids (and grown-ups) are learning!!

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