Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interesting Links

In the last year or so, I have come across some really interesting blogs and other websites. You might enjoy some of them, so here they are.

1. Yarns of the Heart - This is the blog of an unschooling mom with three kids, one of whom starts college this year. I'm not an unschooler, but I love her insights about life and learning.

2. Jesus Shaped Spirituality - Michael Spencer set up this site with more of his thoughts about how we can become more like Jesus. Lots of good stuff here.

3. 538 - For all you political freaks out there, this site has tons of statistical info about both candidates and parties.

4. Chloe of the Mountain - Chloe is another Sonlight mom with a great blog. I love how honest she is about life and parenting.

5. The Creation of an Evolutionist - One man's journey from literal young-earth creationism to theistic evolutionism (or evolutionary creationism). Lots of good information for you to chew on.

6. The Hogs Head - There are several Harry Potter sites out there, but this is my favorite. Travis Prinzi is the Chief Warlock of the Blogengamot and an excellent writer. Check it out!

7. The Simple Life at Home - Lori is a homeschooling mom who lives in Qatar. She writes well and has great insights about life in a different culture.

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