Friday, June 06, 2008

Fun Facts about our Wedding

Since today's my anniversary, I've been thinking about our wedding day, sixteen long years ago. Here are some interesting things about that day.

1. Yes, we got married on D-Day. It was the only Saturday available that summer for a wedding. Also, I figure that if we forget our anniversary, we'll remember when we see on the news that it's the anniversary of D-Day.

2. My gown was made my my matron of honor's mother. It was heavy satin with a beautiful lace bodice.

3. My flower girl is now married and finishing college. My ring bearer is now in college. EEK!

4. I chose lovely flowers for my wedding that did not include carnations. Unfortunately, the florist ended up including a bunch of carnations, including carnations with the edges colored which I really don't like. But, my bouquet was white roses and ivy and was beautiful.

5. My cake was almond pound cake except for the top two tiers which were chocolate. I also made my own wedding cake topper using the figures that my mom and dad had on the top of their wedding cake.

6. The DJ had called to ask me about music for dancing and I told him which songs I wanted. At the reception, he told me that he didn't have the songs (he could have mentioned this sooner) so I picked Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Nevilles' "Don't know much (but I know I love you)" not because it's so special but because I was pressed for time and figured an Aaron Neville song was good since we were in New Orleans.

7. The pastor who married us was wearing a robe. This was never something I had thought would happen at my wedding. I was born and raised Southern Baptist and was sure I'd be married and die as a Southern Baptist, but Mr. Math Teacher and I were married in a Presbyterian church, hence the robe. And it was lovely.

What lovely memories. I don't think I could picture a more perfect day.

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Gary and Pam said...

Your wedding sounds wonderful. Got any pictures? ;-)