Monday, June 23, 2008

Ahhhhh, Quiet.

On Friday, we left Wild Man with my parents in southern Illinois. They drove back down South for him to spend 10 days fishing, shooting, and generally being a boy. It's so quiet around here. Of course, I'm sure it's pretty loud where my parents are!

Ga'hoole Girl and I have some plans to cook and try to finish painting her room this week. She also wants Mr. Math Tutor to take her fishing. It may be quiet around here, but we'll still be busy.

I realized as I was packing Wild Man's clothes that he has very few pairs of socks and underwear. How had I not noticed it before? I do wash his clothes. He does wear undergarments. Apparently, though, he doesn't always wear clean undergarments. So, Grams took care of the problem and bought him some socks and underwear. She also bought him some dress pants and shirts since I sent him with just jeans because we go to a casual church and he never wears dress clothes. But, now he has them if he ever gets the urge to be a GQ kind of guy.

Have I mentioned how quiet it is around here?

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KC said...

I'm so jealous! Our trip got rescheduled to July 7th.