Friday, June 13, 2008


Over the last several years, we have done a lot of downsizing in our lives. We have gone from a 2100 square foot house to a 1500 square foot house. We have downsized our income. We have downsized our spending. Now, we have downsized our bed.

Mr. Math Tutor bought our queen sized bed more than 16 years ago when he moved back down South so we could get married. That bed has gone from the Deep South to the Great White North and is starting to feel like it. It takes up most of our bedroom in this house (remember the downsizing!). So, we are downsizing to a double bed. Last night was our first night and was much better than I expected. Most of the time, when we sleep on a double bed, it's in a hotel room or someone's guest room, so the bed itself is not always high quality. We were pleasantly surprised last night that this bed is quite comfortable even for two grown-ups who have become quite accustomed to their queen sized bed.

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