Friday, February 19, 2016

Reality TV February 19, 2016

I like reality competition TV shows. Well, a lot of them. I don't enjoy things like Survivor or Big Brother where everything is contrived. And I don't like Dance Moms and things where kids are exploited and the grown-ups are acting like children. I like shows where people are competing based on skill. I watch several shows every week. It's one of my weaknesses, but I justify it by knitting while I watch. 

So, here's a rundown of the shows I watched this week and what I thought. Because I'm sure you are all interested in it - Actually, I do want to hear your thoughts about them in the comments!!

Pitch Slapped - This is a LifeTime show that is following two high school a capella groups through the summer competition season. Each group has a new coach for the season. The producers have set it up so that Highland Voices is the favorite group and has a tough coach, Diana. Stay Tuned is good, but they are the underdogs. Their coach, Deke, is likable and has an impressive resume, having worked on things like Pitch Perfect. This week's episode was the next to last before the finals. Highlands Voices did "Defying Gravity" with a professional arrangement, and they also had some extra coaching from Diana's professional group. Stay Tuned did "Drift Away" with a less complicated arrangement, but Deke's goal wasn't necessarily to win, but to not get eliminated. In the performances, Highlands Voices did a really good job. I couldn't see any of the mistakes that Deke commented on, but then, I'm not a professional in a capella music. Highlands Voices, though, knocked it out of the park. Stay Tuned ended up winning, which surprised everyone. Next week is the finals, so we'll see how it goes.

Team Ninja Warrior - This one is on Esquire. Right now, they are doing the team version and this week's was the last of the introductory rounds. Of the four teams, I was cheering hard for The Iron Grip (Sam Sann, Daniel Gil, and Richelle Hepler) because I've been impressed with Daniel Gil on ANW - and he's a worship leader - and he's got great hair. They didn't win, though they were in the final round. It was The Lab Rats. Next week starts the next round for Team Ninja Warrior.

Project Runway All-Stars - First of all, can I just say how thrilled I am that Ashley won Project Runway last season?!! I can't wait till her designs get knocked off by someone so they become cheap enough for me to buy!! OK. Back to All-Stars. This week, they had to make a design that showed off the movement of the fabric when the wind machine was on the runway. I agreed with the judges that Sam did the best job. But, I also totally loved Kini's design. I thought that Valerie's was nice. I had to agree with their choices on the bottom except that I thought that Mitchell's would be on the bottom this week as well. I really did not like that design. But, what do I know? In any case, I'm glad that Emily made it through, although I wasn't crazy about what she made. She always manages to come off as very positive and pleasant during the interviews (understanding that those are produced) and I'd like to see her go further.

Top Chef - I love Top Chef. One of the problems with watching it is that I can't really participate in the judging at all. The judges are eating the food, I'm just looking at it. (At least with the other shows, I can see or hear what the judges are judging.) But, I love it anyway. Having MC Hammer as a judge was kind of strange. It made me realize how much we're all growing up (and old) that he looked like a middle-aged man (which he is) and not a young rap star. I really liked the idea of having the chefs cook dishes inspired by a certain time in history. How cool is that? And, of course, Isaac picks the Vikings! When all was said and done, I was sad that Marjorie was in the bottom just because she's been doing well in general. I was sad that Karen was eliminated because  that leaves just one woman in the competition. I haven't been watching Last Chance Kitchen, though, so I'll do that tonight and see who might be coming back.

What do you think about the outcome of any of these shows this week? Do you have other reality shows that you watch?

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