Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Don't "Girl" Very Well

PWM says I shouldn't blog when I have a migraine. Here I go anyway!

I am a feminist. I believe that men and women should have equal rights in the public square. For the record, I am also an egalitarian when it comes to Christianity, but that's not what this post is about.

For all my feminism, though, I realize that men and women are different, both physically and culturally. And, I embrace that, to the extent that the power structures are not unequal.

But, I realized today as I was talking to Wild Man that I don't "girl" very well, and I never have. Some things I do well - dressing pretty. Others, not so much - make-up and hair. 

I know the date of my parents' first date because it was on Mardi Gras. (BTW, 51 years ago!! Cool, huh?!) I have no idea when my first date when PWM was. And he had to remind me a few years later which movie we saw. I do remember the shirt he wore!

I don't know the date that he proposed, although I do know it was in the fall before Thanksgiving. Neither of us remembers how long we've been married without calculating the number of years. And we've been known to remember our anniversary two days beforehand.

Wild Man has a girlfriend who remembers the first time for everything! Wild Man needs a calendar to keep up with relationship reminders!

Another funny thing about being a girl in high school. Someone once told me to marry a man who was smarter than I. I had to laugh. I'm pretty bright so I never really considered having to find a guy who was smarter. And when I did finally find the man of my dreams, he didn't care that I'm "smarter" than he. Really, I'm just more educated. He can do engineering. I can do medicine.

There are definitely ways in which I don't "girl" very well. What about you? 

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