Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Christmas Present!!

This being February 22, I thought it an auspicious night to use my Christmas gift card from my parents. Actually, my steak knives have all gone missing. That's why I decided to use my WalMart gift card. 

Let's stop for a moment, though, and consider why in the world six perfectly good steak knives would abscond from my kitchen. Actually, five steak knives. The handle on one broke, so I pitched it. Nonetheless, five adequate steak knives are missing. When the cups are gone, a quick search of the living room and dining room usually provides a favorable results. But, knives? It's a mystery.

My mom had hoped that I'd buy something frivolous with my gift card. I can be as frivolous as the next person, but I have a thing about buying stuff. There seems to be a slow migration of stuff into this house, so I try to counter it by slowly getting rid of stuff. I send a bag or two to Goodwill every couple of months. I look through the books and clothes for things that could use a better home. And there's always the clutter than should go in the trash.

But, back to being frivolous. I can be frivolous with the best of them when it involves yarn and books. However, I still have tons of yarn from when we closed the yarn shop. And I've recently bought a couple of books and have several good ones on loan from the library.

So I went with practicality. And a bit of non-frugality, if you will. I needed at least six steak knives. I actually bought an entire knife block. Our current one is at least 22 years old and the knives have seen better days. And the new one is pretty!!

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