Monday, February 15, 2016

Lagniappe - February 15, 2016

February is the shortest month in the year, but feels like the longest. And it feels particularly long this year because my headaches are getting worse! I'm trying to get in to see my Neurologist in the next week or two to talk about a change in treatment. Alas.

Other things than headaches are happening in life. Really.

Ashley and Rosie Girl are loving their hiphop class and are doing really well! I'm not so crazy about the 45+ minute drive to get there and back every Monday night, but it could be worse. And it gives me and Ashley time together.

Rosie Girl is still studying music but she's changed her major to Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music with a Minor in Religious Studies. This semester she's taking a course on Christianity. I told her that I was confused about a passage in Mark and she said that they had just discussed that in her class. We had an interesting discussion about it! We've also discussed some stuff about the early church. She is loving her religion classes this semester.

Wild Man is the lead in the school musical this spring - Aladdin! This means practices almost every afternoon after school. When you add this to jazz band before school and homework after school, he's a pretty busy guy. He's quit both his jobs and won't be applying for another one until after the musical. So, he's staying busy this last semester of high school.

We're getting everything ready for Wild Man's graduation this spring. Rosie Girl didn't go to high school, so we just did a graduation party for her. Wild Man has graduation on the same day as one of Rosie Girl's and Ashley's dance recitals. (There are five shows, so they can miss one and it's OK.) Plus, there's a party to consider, and getting Ashley on her way back to China, and getting ourselves on our way down South to a family reunion. It's going to be a busy spring.

I'm working on scrapbooks for everyone. Digital scrapbooking is actually quite fun. I used to do regular scrapbooking and really enjoyed it, but wasn't doing it enough to justify keeping all the supplies once I started knitting. I gave away all the scrapping supplies. I loved the tactile sensations of regular scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking doesn't give me that, but it has the advantage of letting me use photos and embellishments multiple times. And, it's pretty fast once I get going.

That's what's up around here. I'm doing some reading, but I'll post more about that later. I also have some political thoughts, but I have a headache, so I won't post those right now!

What's up in your part of the world?

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