Wednesday, December 04, 2013

YouTube Series - December 4, 2013

PWM and Wild Man can become lost in YouTube. PWM likes things like The Voice. Wild Man watches video game walk-throughs or videos by his favorite musicians, like Pentatonix. Generally, I prefer blogs or other sites with articles or posts that I can read. I don’t have much patience for videos.

Except . . . Except for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This is a 100 episode video series on YouTube that is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. It is funny and poignant and wonderful.

And tonight I discovered Emma Approved, another series by the same group. I am a happy woman! Each episode is 4-7 minutes long, so I can watch it in bits and pieces when it’s convenient for me.  The early episodes (so far) have been pretty funny. The characters are pretty true to Austen, but the plot is only vaguely Austenesque, so it’s not an exact copy of Emma.

Have you seen any of these series? Do you have any other web series that you recommend?

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