Monday, December 23, 2013

Almost Christmas

We’re in that magical time of almost Christmas. Just about everything is ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The house is decorated. Grams and Grandpa are here. Grams has been cooking. Rosie Girl is home for a month. Christmas music wafts through the house. And Grandpa gives us regular updates about the temperature and snowfall.

It’s pretty fun watching the Floridian grandparents cope with our Upper Midwestern winter. It doesn’t hurt that we’re having more snow than usual either. We didn’t try to deal with yesterday’s snow to go to church. And then it kept snowing all day today, so Wild Man and PWM didn’t even get out till afternoon to blow and shovel snow. Grams and Grandpa are getting the hang of getting around outside in the snow. Thankfully, there’s not much ice. Nonetheless, we do try to keep someone next to Grandpa to help him with his balance. (And PWM and Patrick have the other person next to me since I tend to fall on my butt with alarming regularity. Although not yet this season.)

We don’t put our Christmas gifts out under the tree until Christmas Eve, so we’ve still got plenty of wrapping time. I’m not bragging or anything, but mine are all done except for one! Santa still needs to pick up some canned cat food and catnip for the kitties, but we’re otherwise ready for tomorrow.

Christmas Eve service is big for our family. PWM is doing tech this year, but Wild Man is playing electric guitar.  And then, of course, the candlelight portion of the service is so beautiful.

Since Grams is here to cook, we’re actually going to have Christmas dinner on Christmas Day!! What a concept! She’s going to make a good, old-fashioned, Southern roast beef with rice and gravy.

And it can snow all it wants because we’ll be inside, enjoying our family, celebrating the birth of our Savior.

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