Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Thanksgiving Plan–And Aftermath–December 1, 2013

I love holidays. But I’m as likely to have a migraine on a holiday as on any other day. For this Thanksgiving day, I made a plan. Rosie Girl came home early on Wednesday afternoon, so she and I prepared everything for cooking, including the turkey. We had planned to make the desserts, but after I burned the pound cake, I didn’t have it in me to make another one and then make the pecan pie. All we had to do on Thanksgiving Day was to cook everything in the right order.

And on Thanksgiving Day, I had a migraine. During the Packers dismal game, I took a Maxalt and then a nap. After the turkey was done and while the side dishes were cooking, I taught Wild Man how to make gravy. Then everyone else got the table ready and we sat down to a delicious lunch!

I still have the headache – three days later. It’s been quite the doozy. But, I’m pleased to say that my plan to prep the food the day before was a success!! The dinner was wonderful and we have leftovers for at least another few days!

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