Sunday, December 08, 2013


A dear friend of mine, Gary, “put off the body” and went to be with Jesus today. He had a severe heart attack Tuesday morning and was in critical condition all week. The family chose to forgo heroic life-saving measures today and Gary passed peacefully into heaven.

PWM and I have known Gary for at least 17 years. Within a year or two of our moving up here and starting to attend Faith Community Church, Gary and Violet moved from California to Waupaca (their hometown) for Gary to become our Pastor of Ministry and Maturity. PWM and I have had the great pleasure during these years of getting to know Gary and Violet. We’ve been through various ups and downs together – more ups than downs, thankfully.

Tonight, though, we mourn the passing of someone who truly knew how to “abide in Christ”. Gary, you will be greatly missed by many people. You were well-loved.

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