Thursday, December 05, 2013

Life–Thursday, December 5, 2013

The big news around here is that it is COLD! Of course, we live in the Great White North, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Yet, somehow, it seems to be shocking when it happens every year. This year, our first sub-zero temps appear to be happening about a month earlier than they did last year, but still within the normal time frames for the upper Midwest.

We had some snow several days ago, followed yesterday by rain, followed today by cold, followed tonight by “stupid cold” (as PWM says). And this leaves us with ice. Not ice, like an ice storm, thankfully. But, ice, as in ice on the ground. Wild Man is responsible for keeping the sidewalks next door at the apartment complex clean and dry and de-iced during the winter, while PWM takes care of our house and shop areas. Unfortunately, the area right outside our side door is a low spot and is perfect for water to pool and freeze (and where I fell on my butt twice last year). PWM is working hard to keep it dry and ice-free this year. My poor butt is still recovering from last year.

So, we’re breaking out the heavy coats and multiple layers. And hoping for just a smidge more snow before Christmas so everything looks nice and white and fresh. But not a blizzard. Please, God, no blizzards anytime soon!

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