Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

It’s been a lovely Christmas week. In many ways. But not lovely in other ways. Did we celebrate the Incarnation? Did we give gifts and try to commemorate in some tiny way the massive gift that God has given us? Did we make small sacrifices for others to remember the sacrifice Jesus made? Yes. So it’s been a “successful” Christmas week.

Christmas Eve service was beautiful. PWM did sound while Wild Man played electric guitar. In several days, you’ll be able to watch it online at The cool thing was that Grandpa and I watched most of the 3:30 service live-streamed.

Rosie Girl and I made Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve morning, so PWM and Wild Man took some to church for the worship team to munch on between services.

Rosie Girl, Grams, and I went to the 5pm service which was also lovely. The Gospel was preached, the Incarnation was celebrated, and Jesus was present. What more could you want?


Well, I suppose it would have been nice if Grandpa could have come. Unfortunately, Grandpa had been having some headaches. Grams and I took his blood pressure starting on Christmas Eve and were getting scary high readings, despite his having normally well-controlled blood pressure. Grandpa had a headache, so he chose to stay home and watch the service (again) on live-streaming. (Ain’t technology grand?) And, since his daughter is an MD, Grandpa had a few medication adjustments for Christmas Day.

Even though the children are 15 and 18, we still only got to sleep in until 6:30 on Christmas morning. Naturally, they won’t sleep till noon when presents are involved. The funny thing was that they had things in their stockings to open in order. The first was a $5 bill, the second a $10, and the third $15 cash. They expected the fourth to be $20, but it was vouchers for downloads for games for a WiiU which we’d been telling the kids there was no chance whatsoever we’d be getting this year. Wild Man finally got the picture and started jumping up and down and yelling and ran in the living room to find the WiiU which was already set up and working. I really wish I had video of that moment!!

Grams cooked roast beef and rice and gravy for us for Christmas dinner which was wonderful. Part of the wonder was that I haven’t had to cook. That is my biggest Christmas present. Well, that and the stove/oven range!!

Grams and Rosie Girl have been obsessively watching Dr. Who so that they were ready for the Christmas episode of the new Dr. Who and the regeneration of the Doctor. After Dr. Who, we watched A Christmas Story.

Boxing Day involved lots of work for Wild Man and PWM. There had been lots of snow in the previous two days, so they were doing lots of snow removal. Patrick later worked the shop while both kids went shopping with their Christmas money. Grams and Grandpa and I, on the other had, had a lovely visit with an NP at the clinic. Grandpa’s blood pressure was already starting to come down and they did some lab tests that showed that his kidneys are doing fine. So, things are moving in the right direction. And I might sleep tonight.

The cats celebrated Christmas by getting some special canned food. They showed their gratitude by completely ignoring the humans.


How was your Christmas or other winter celebration?

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