Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–March 22, 2013


I’ve been kind of depressed lately, and my counselor reminded me that writing usually helps my mood, so here goes:

1. One reason I’ve been kind of down is that it’s SO. INCREDIBLY. COLD!! The low yesterday was in the single digits. In the middle of March. I realize we live in the Great White North, but it’s supposed to be springtime!! I can only hope that we don’t have anymore snow storms this season.

2. I had my annual labwork done and found out that, while my cholesterol and blood sugar are spectacular, my thyroid and iron were both terrible. It turns out that I was taking my iron supplement at the same time I was taking my thyroid medication. And they interfere with each other’s absorption. DUH!! Sometimes, it’s like med school never even happened. With a TSH of 12, no wonder I’m feeling kind of sad and blue. And a really low ferritin doesn’t help my cause. So, I’m taking my iron at lunchtime to try to get things back on track.

3. I had taken to calling Wild Man my “drummer with the crazy hair” since his curly hair gets so wild. But, now he’s wearing it in a pony tail most days and you almost wouldn’t know that he has long hair.

4. Rosie Girl found out tonight that she was accepted to UW-Stevens Point as a music minor with a piano emphasis. Her hope was to be admitted as a music major for the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with an emphasis on composition, although they are supposed to offer a composition degree starting next year. In any case, though, she’s in the department so she can go ahead and get started on her music classes and audition again next year to get in as a music major. Yippee!! Now it’s pretty much fun stuff for the rest of the school year!

5. Today, I walked into the dining room to find Rosie Girl teaching Wild Man how to fill out deposit slips and endorse checks. Then, they went across the street to the bank so he could deposit his checks from all the snow shoveling he’s been doing. It’s so nice when they get along! And help each other!

6. We have a buyer for our old house, but we’re waiting for all the paperwork to go through. Then, we have to close on the purchase of this house. And, then, I might can get a dishwasher!

7. Tonight, PWM and I watched Les Miserables on the Roku. I LOVE that movie!

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