Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Week(s) In Review–March 24, 2013


Despite the psychosis of moving, there has been some education going on in our home. The big news is that Rosie Girl got into the MUSIC DEPARTMENT at UWSP!! She’s very excited – and so are PWM and I!!

Here’s what else is going on:

Wild Man

History – The late 1800s, Progressivism, the Gold Standard

Literature – My Heart Lies South

Writing – I told Wild Man to write a couple of paragraphs on one of a couple of different topics. He chose to write about what kind of guitar he prefers. Without my prompting (but a little help from his sister), he wrote a five paragraph essay. I’m so excited that he did this pretty much on his own and I don’t need to teach him how to do this!! He still gets very frustrated with spelling and grammar, but those are easier to teach than writing. I’ll enroll him in WriteAtHome next year, but this year I’ll just have him work on spelling and grammar and do a couple of more papers.

Bible – Using BibleMESH. So far, I really like this program and Wild Man seems to be engaging it.

Math – Plodding away . . .

Music – About a month ago, his percussion group played at Solo and Ensemble and got a perfect score. They couldn’t go to State because their piece was a level B, but they were excited about how well they played. The band did really well a couple of days later at their concert. Wild Man is still leading the worship band on Wednesday nights at church and getting a lot out of it.

Rosie Girl

Literature – Finished Wuthering Heights and is writing a paper comparing it to Jane Eyre.

Social Science – About to start Psychology. She was going to do Social Change, but she wasn’t crazy about the possible topics she’d be reading about, so we’ve decided on Psychology instead.

Math – Almost done with Algebra 2.

Japanese – Rosetta Stone

Music – She’s getting her pieces ready for her senior recital. She’s doing her piano recital with one other girl, so they’re going to do the piece she composed last summer. Rosie Girl will play ocarina and the other girl will play the piano part.

Dance – Rosie Girl is really into Dr. Who these days, so she’s going to do her Senior Dance to the intro from Dr. Who. She has her costume, but she hasn’t started to choreograph yet. Next week, she’s actually going to teach the tap class that she usually demonstrates for since the teacher will be gone that day.

Other – Rosie Girl is in the midst of putting together scholarship applications. Next week is Spring Break, but she’s going to be doing lots of writing and filling out forms. Yay!

What is your family up to these days?

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