Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming.

It’s Good Friday – and it’s only “good” because of what happened on Sunday. And it’s so easy to fast forward past Friday right to Sunday.

But, we should pause here on Friday. We need to remember Friday.

Friday was the day of Jesus’ physical pain. It was the day when his friends abandoned him. It was when he paid for all of our sin through his death.

Friday is necessary for Sunday to have meaning.

I hate thinking about Friday. About someone taking my sin. Suffering for me.

It’s Friday. Sunday’s coming.

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KC said...

I don't like to think about Good Friday either, when I really sit down to think about it. I still cannot watch the scene in The Passion where Jesus was beaten and crucified (I cover my eyes---I have never seen it in full). And our pastor has explained that it's a good dramatization to some degree of what Christ went through, but it was actually way more brutal than depicted. My mind can't even comprehend the movie, much less anything more. But it IS a good reminder of what He went through for every single person. It brings me to tears and brings me to my knees. Maybe that's part of why I don't want to forget.