Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lagniappe–March 28, 2013



1. My Rosie Girl was practically dancing a jog when she went to mail her acceptance of her place in the UWSP music school a couple of days ago. It’s so nice to see her so happy!

2. We watched Les Miserables the other night as a family. Wild Man’s favorite part: In the beginning when Javert tells Valjean that he’s on parole and asks if he knows what that means and Valjean says, “Yes, it means I’m free!”, but then Javert says, emphatically, “NO!” Yes. Wild Man is a strange child.

3. Sassy and Silver are binary cats. They have two modes: on and off. They are either sleeping or they are running around like crazy cats.

4. We had some catnip that I put in socks for the cats to play with, but I think the catnip was really, really old because the cats have been completely ignoring it.

5. Our car (Saturn VUE) died. Completely died. But, some good came out of it. A friend bought it and towed it to his place where he has a winch and can take the dead (as a doornail) engine out of it and put a new engine in. So, his daughter has cleaned the car spotless and is now working on coming up with the money to buy an engine that her dad will put in the car and it will have life once again!

6. In the meantime, we are living with one car for a couple of months. My brother is going to give us his SUV after his in-laws buy a new vehicle. Or something like that. We’re in the middle of musical cars. Eventually, Patrick and Lydia will go to Georgia to get a car. Thanks, Curt!!!

7. The snow and ice around here are finally melting and we have some sunshine!! My mood is definitely lifting! Not much longer before we can put in the screens and open the windows!!

That’s our life right now. What’s up with you?

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