Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–February 22, 2013


1. Will this winter never end?!! We had another 6+ inches of snow last night and today. I’m getting really, really, really tired of all this snow and super-cold weather. On a brighter note, there are no forecast temperatures below zero for next week, although there is some snow forecast again.

2. Speaking of snow storms, I had a rip-roaring migraine that sent me to the ER again last night. It was not fun. We ended up trying three different meds, and I still came home with a headache, albeit a much reduced one. Things are much better today!

3. I played Yahtzee tonight with Wild Man. I had exactly one more point than he did on the top half and one more point than he did on the bottom half, so I won by two points. I didn’t exactly whoop up on him, but I still won. Two points is two points!

4. Sophie has taken to stealing my socks, mostly my homemade wool socks, and leaving them as an offering to the door gods in front of Rosie Girl’s door curtain. For some reason, Rosie Girl’s room doesn’t have a door, so she is using her curtain from the other house hung on a spring tension rod across the door, but Sophie can’t quite seem to figure out how to get through the curtain. So, Sophie leaves these sock offerings hoping that she will appease the gods and get let into Rosie Girl’s room. Strange? Yes.

5. I noticed the other day (after we got the lamps moved into our bedroom) that our bedroom carpet is orange. I really, really dislike the color orange. Once it gets more orange than peach or salmon, I’m into serious negative vibes. But, we have no resources to change it, so I’ll keep the light off as much as possible.

6. My backside is healing nicely from my three falls on the ice last week, although my hips are still pretty sore. It’s kind of cute, though, that PWM and Wild Man are always very quick to make sure I have an escort out to the car. Between my becoming a hermit, my escorts, and my Yak Trax, I should manage to stay upright until spring. I hope.

7. I really miss not having the washer and dryer here in this house yet. PWM is waiting till there’s not as much ice till he asks some other strong guys to help him move the heavy stuff from the other house. Until then, I go over there on weekends to do laundry. I’m also missing having a dishwasher, but we won’t put one in here till the old house sells and we outright buy this one, which may be a couple of months.

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Jeannine said...

Oh, boy, I hear you on the unchangeable carpet. I read a book called "Inspired You" which has helped me feel much more content with the things in my home I cannot change, like my pink and black tiled bathroom, or my 1970s lineoleum floors!

I hope you feel better...

Thank you for sharing!