Saturday, February 09, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday or Whatever Day It is


We’re still in the throes of moving. It would go faster if I didn’t feel compelled to get migraines just because there’s a winter storm coming tomorrow . . . But, today, I decided to share 7 things about our new house.

1. We have a real porcelain bathtub. Which is great except that my feet were really chilly for the first couple of minutes of my shower! I guess if I want to have a bath, I need to heat the water really good to get the tub warm as well.

2. We have a wonderful front porch and back deck, but they are both snow-covered right now. I can’t wait for spring!

3. If you walk into our front door, you’ll find a pile of dirty clothes right there. Because we’re classy like that. Actually, it’s because the bathroom with the shower is right by the front door and it’s too small for a clothes hamper. I’ll come up with something eventually.

4. Wild Man hit his head on the chandelier in the library. He’s threatening to take it down, but I won’t let him because we don’t have much light in the living room/library area. Unfortunately, even raising it up may not be enough to keep it high enough for him, but it’s on a track, so maybe I can get it back close enough to the desks that he won’t get injured anymore.

5. Rosie Girl now has a “door” to her room. It’s a spring tension rod with her window treatments from the old house, which are gauzy, rainbow colored cloth. It certainly brightens up the upstairs.

6. Almost all of our clothes are currently in the big closet upstairs. The closet has no heat, so we are motivated to choose our clothes very quickly!

7. PWM thinks that home is where his bed is. Rosie Girl thinks that home is where her instruments are. Wild Man says that home is where the electronics are. I think that home is where my family is (although the internet isn’t too bad!).

So, how’s your week been? Check out other blogs at 7 Quick Takes Friday. I’ll bet they don’t have laundry by their front door!

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