Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Can’t Wait Till Spring!!

Winter in Wisconsin means snow and ice, right? Right. Having lived here for 15 years, I’m quite aware of this fact and I try to be very careful when I’m out and about in the snow and ice. Despite my caution, though, accidents do happen. Sometimes, they happen two days in a row.

I was walking out to the garage yesterday morning so that I could drive Wild Man to school for band. School had been delayed for two hours because of the ice – it rained on Sunday and then froze on the roads at night. You’d think I might have taken note of such a pertinent bit of information.

So, as I mentioned, I was walking to the garage. Here, I should mention that I was wearing Crocs because I didn’t want my son to be late and I didn’t take time to change in to boots. This might not have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done. And the driveway was completely ice.

I stepped across the threshold of the garage and my feet completely gave way and I fell on my butt. Ouch! I spent yesterday sitting on ice packs, gently stretching, and trying to keep from getting too terribly stiff. Nonetheless, I woke up quite stiff and sore this morning.

This afternoon, I was going to walk up to the shop (a block away now that we’ve moved) so that PWM could go get some meds for me. Wild Man told me to go out the front door because he had been diligent about using ice and salt on the sidewalk and it wasn’t nearly as slick as the driveway. I also put on my boots which have treads for plenty of traction.

I held on to the wall by the front steps to keep my balance as I walked down the steps. I stepped onto the icy, yet sanded, sidewalk and fell on my butt. On the bruise from yesterday. Right on Main Street in front of God and everybody.

I got up and made it to the shop without further incident. But, two falls on the ice in two days makes for lots of pain and soreness.

I don’t think I’m going to leave the house again before spring. I’m never fond of ice, but having the entire right side of my body in pain makes me even less fond.

Bring on springtime so I can leave the house again!

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