Saturday, February 05, 2011

Our Week In Review – 2/5/2011


While the rest of the country was bombarded with snow and freezing weather, we had  our usual “Great White North” snow and freezing temperatures.  We did get fresh snow a couple of times this week.  Unfortunately, we also had one night with below zero temperatures – although, I guess, it’s good news if you like to ice fish or snowmobile on the frozen lakes.

Wild Man

I feel like Wild Man is getting short shrift these days with the school stuff.  He’s been reading a good bit, but we only got to spelling and grammar once this week.

He’s supposed to be learning about Central Asia, but we just got the two discs about Russia from Netflix that we’ve been reading some about Central Asia and then watching DVR stuff about Russia.

Wild Man is doing quite well in Math.  He is still using ALEKS and working on math facts with PWM.  He’s much more able these days to read and understand the explanations in ALEKS without PWM’s help.

Yesterday, Wild Man went over to Grandma’s and learned to sew a little bit.  He has no interest in other needle or fiber arts.  But, it’s important to know some sewing basics, and I’m glad that Grandma is teaching him.

Rosie Girl

Driver’s Ed started this week!  Rosie Girl was pretty overwhelmed on the first day of class, but is settling in pretty well.  The class did a practice test for temporary licenses (even though Rosie Girl already has hers) and Rosie Girl did wonderfully well.

PWM has been helping Rosie Girl with Chemistry this week since the chapter was on unit conversions (i.e. math) and energy.  It was very nice for me to have a break from Chemistry – and PWM is a good teacher.

The highlight of Rosie Girl’s week was Thursday night when she and I went to dinner and then to see Wicked at the PAC!  The show was wonderful!  (I would have loved to see the show on Broadway with Kristin Chenowith, but I can’t complain about the traveling cast that we saw.)

That was our week.  Not terribly exciting on the education front.  I’m going to try to do a little more Language Arts with Wild Man this week.  Otherwise, we’ll just keep moving forward.

How was your week?  Anything interesting happen?  Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what others have  been up to!

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