Thursday, February 03, 2011

Knitting Notes – 2/3/2011

Now that I’m finished with the stranded knitting mittens and gloves, I’m ready to move on to the sweater.  I did my gauge swatch last night on size 1 needles.  Unfortunately, I was supposed to have 32 stitches per inch and I only had 26.  It was too big a difference to just gloss over.  So, I made another swatch using size 0 needles.  It was perfect.  I only have one pair of size zero circular needles and one pair of double points; both sets are bamboo and have gotten bent (not the end of the world, but I worry about one of them breaking).  I ordered two sets of circulars (Turbo Addi) last night: 1 each of size 0 and size 00 with long cables.  I also ordered a set of size 0 double points made out of a black carbon polymer.

On the needles, I currently have a pair of socks for Rosie Girl.  I’ve been going kind of slow on this pair of socks for some reason, but I keep plodding on.

I’ve also started writing patterns to make fingerless gloves (or wristwarmers).  I did one pair with snowflakes that I gave to Rosie Girl.  I’ve also done a heart in light pink on dark pink and another set with a purled heart on a knitted background.  Currently, I’m working on a purple pair with a light gray snowflake.  I’ve discovered that I definitely need to do stranded knitting on small items (like gloves and socks) with the item turned inside-out to keep my tension on the floats from being too tight.  Even so, I think that I’m going to increase the number of stitches in the wristwarmers, because they’re a little more snug than I would like.  By Saturday, I should have a couple of items ready for sale.

PWM got some Tunisian Crochet needles in the mail this week.  I’m excited to see how the product works out!  If I didn’t have so many other things going on, I’d probably try my hand at it, too.  PWM is also working on making little crocheted cell phone charms.  I think that doing those in the local high school colors would be a great item to sell.

So, where are we on the yarn shop idea?  Well, it’s still just an idea, but a more well-formed one.  We’re in the process of doing lots of research.  Every other day, someone in the house comes up with a new idea for a name, but we haven’t settled on one just yet.

I’ll post some pictures after I’ve finished and blocked the wristwarmers.

What knitting and/or crocheting projects are you up to?

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Elizabeth said...

My sister would like to open a yarn shop. She has a very clear vision, but a twist of fate (her health) led to her moving from where she wanted to open it back to the Chicago suburbs.

Good luck!