Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday – 2/18/2011


1. A migraine cure?  I watched a PBS special on the Donner Party this week.  Margret Reed was a member of the Donner party.  One reason that the family wanted to go to California was because Margret was plagued with “sick headaches”.  During the terrible winter in the mountains, however, she not only survived, but was considered one of the most brave.  After the family arrived in California, Margret had no more headaches.  Should I subject myself to a terrible winter ordeal in which half of my friends die in order to get rid of the migraines?  No, don’t think so!  (It’s unclear from what I’ve read whether or not Margret was one of the members who resorted to cannibalism.)

2. Rosie Girl is finishing her last Driver’s Ed classroom session tonight!  Her first drive is scheduled for next week, although she’s already driven around the school parking lot and then back home with PWM.  (And she did amazingly well – 100% – on the written test last week.)

3. I just finished listening to The Sisters Who Would Be Queen about Lady Jane Grey, Katharine Grey, and Mary Grey.  I am fascinated about the Tudor family and their role in British history and really enjoyed listening to this book while I was knitting.

4. Wild Man cooked dinner tonight for the family!  I’m so glad that my kids are learning these important skills.

5. My dad sent me a document a few days ago that was written by my great-aunt about my paternal grandfather.  My grandfather (known to everyone as Cavie) died before I was born, so I cherish this glimpse into his life and personality.

6. Rosie Girl and I have been listening to the music from Wicked since we went to see the show.  Wild Man has become hooked on The Dick Van Dyke Show.  He watches as many episodes as I’ll allow him each day!

7. I’ve been reading The War On the Weak, which is a history of eugenics in the US.  It’s really scary how far along the movement got.  Many of the leaders would have been happy to have all Native Americans, African Americans, and those of many other nationalities exterminated.  Unfortunately, we’re doing some of the same thing by allowing (and encouraging) abortion of children with birth defects (and even those who are just inconvenient).  If we don’t respect all life, we respect none.

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