Friday, May 07, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – May 7, 2010

I’m actually getting this post done earlier than usual, but it’s because I’ve got such a bad headache.  Ugh.

1. The calendar may say that it’s springtime, but I don’t think anyone told the weather.  The high today is 48, so we are wearing sweatshirts and have the heater running again.

2. Speaking of cold weather, it looks like it’s time to have a funeral for the three cucumber plants.  They didn’t survive our little cold snap.  The good news is that they grow so quickly from seed that I can have PWM start another set while I’m gone and then put them outside when I get home.

3. I love cooking competition shows.  Right now, I watch Top Chef Masters and Chopped.  I’m looking forward to Next Food Network Star starting in June.  I also enjoy Top Chef, which I think is in the fall.  I love the energy of the young chefs in Top Chef, but I really don’t like that some of them have some arrogance and the language is quite inappropriate.  I often let Wild Man watch Top Chef Masters with me, but rarely let him watch Top Chef – largely because of the language issues.  I wonder if the older chefs have better language because of generational issues of if they “outgrow” it as they become more confident.

4. I made Paula Deen’s chocolate bread pudding on Wednesday night because I had insomnia.  It is soooooo rich and yummy!!

5. Rosie Girl has a piano Master Class today.  I would really like to go and hear her play and hear the instructor.  Rosie Girl is a little upset because the school’s writing club that she belongs to is having a writer come in and visit and Rosie Girl can’t be there because she was already signed up for the Master Class.

6. I’m loving my new laptop.  One of the nicest things was that my pictures and documents transferred from my desktop incredibly easily.  I love being able to just pull my laptop into my lap and look up whatever I need.

7. On Wild Man’s trip this summer, he is going to be with his Grandma who is Roman Catholic, while Wild Man has been raised in an Evangelical Free Church.  Wild Man has been to a Catholic Mass just once or twice that he can remember.  I’ve found a couple of online resources that I’m going to discuss with Wild Man before the trip so that he’s a little bit more familiar with the service and what the different things mean.  Any other recommendations?

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Martianne @ Training Happy Hearts said...

So sorry to hear spring is not springing in your area. We have had wacky weather this year on ours, but it has included some unseasonably wonderful summery days. Hope you get some warmth and sunshine soon!