Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I’m Going To Do During My Summer Vacation

I get a summer vacation this year!!  How cool is that?!  Wild Man and Rosie Girl wanted their school year to coincide with the public school year, so they had fewer weeks off during the school year and we had to be more disciplined.  We gave up some of our relaxed approach to school in order to have an almost completely free summer.  (Almost completely free because Rosie Girl still has to finish her Algebra 1 course.)

So, what am I going to do?  Wild Man is off with Grandma and will start his trip from Tampa to California on Tuesday.  Rosie Girl has plans to do Algebra, write a novel, and hang out with friends.  Otherwise, we have a week at Family Camp planned and another week when my family will come up for a week in August.  Well, being who I am, I have to have a plan.  And, I do indeed have a plan!!

1. Paint the dining room and kitchen blue.  I’m hoping to get Rosie Girl and her friend to help me with this job.

2. Take the baskets off the top of the kitchen cabinets.

3. Bring the china up from the basement and put it into canvas or quilted cases and put it up on top of the cabinets.  I plant to keep a few pieces out of the cases and set up as display pieces.

4. Clean closets and the basement and give excess stuff to Goodwill.  (I may need to chain my books to the shelves because PWM gets a little zealous when he starts clearing stuff out!)

5. Knitting projects – hats for a friend who’s undergoing chemo, a summer sweater for myself, a summer sweater for my mom, start Christmas presents (no, it’s not too early – I gave my mother-in-law her Christmas present this year in March!)

6. Scan photos from my photo albums into the computer and then copy the photos onto disk.

7. Try to keep my plants from dying.

8. Lots of hanging out with my Rosie Girl.

That’s the plan.  Most of the schoolwork for next year is generally planned, so I just need to order it.  I’m not going to actually order it until July, so I’m not going to spend the whole summer planning the school year.  I actually want to enjoy my non-headache days.

Of course, the biggest problem is going to be that Wild Man isn’t around!!  Last night, we tried to do a cyber-hug over Skype.  It’s just not the same as in person.  Oh, well, I look forward to seeing all of his pictures and video-calling him all the same.  It’s going to be a good summer anyway!!

Do you have any exciting plans for your summer?!  Anything you’re particularly looking forward to?

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